Your Local Lib Dems

We cover the towns of Banstead, Redhill, Horley and Reigate, as well as the villages of Burgh Heath, Chipstead, Earlswood, Kingswood, Lower Kingswood, Merstham, Salfords, Southpark and Meadvale, Tadworth, Walton on the hill Woodhatch and Woodmansterne.

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What do we Stand for locally?

We stand for -

  • Delivering a Carbon Neutral area with environmental sustainability;
  • Investing in social housing.
  • Protecting our Borough. From cuts to services, police and healthcare
  • Making sure that new development is integrated with public transport and services
  • Creating new recreational spaces and maintaining the existing ones.
  • Supporting pro-active community housing groups and new builds

What do we stand for Nationally?

  • Staying in the EU. We believe Britain will be stronger,
    better off and safer if we stay in
    the European Union
  • Saving our NHS and care services. Asking people to pay a bit more tax (1p)
    for every pound they earn. The money
    will go to the NHS and care services. Making sure people don't wait longer
    for mental health care than for
    other healthcare.
  • Put children first.
    Every child should have the best start
    in life. Spending £7 billion extra on education.
  • Britain needs an economy that gives
    people jobs and the chance to do well.
    We will build an economy that is strong,
    fair and works well now and in the future.

Recent updates

  • Vote LibDem in the European Elections
    Article: Jun 24, 2019
    By Cllr Will Forster.

    Brexit would result in a decade lost to political crisis and economic trouble

    Three years on since the referendum on the UK's membership of the European Union, the Liberal Democrats have warned Brexit must be stopped to avoid "a decade lost to political crisis and economic trouble".

    Sunday, the 23rd of June, marked three years since the referendum. Despite this, the Conservative Government has been unable to negotiate a Brexit deal that can be agreed by Parliament.

  • Lib Dems winning
    Article: Jun 21, 2019

    In light of the increased representations of Liberal Democrats on Spelthorne Borough Council, the Lib Dem Group of councillors have decided to shadow portfolios as part of their ongoing commitment to scrutinise council proceedings. Sandra Dunn has been duly selected to lead the team as the Group Leader of Liberal Democrat Councillors and has announced that as well as the 6 portfolios, she has requested a dedicated Communications & Social Media responsibility. The responsibilities have been allocated as follows:

  • Will Forster by Victoria Arch Woking
    Article: Jun 16, 2019
    By Councillor Ann-Marie Barker

    Liberal Democrats welcome Government investment in Woking

    Local Lib Dems have welcomed the Government's decision to spent £95 million on Woking's infrastructure.

    On Tuesday 11th June, the Government announced that £95 million from the Housing Infrastructure Fund would be invested in Woking to revamp Victoria Arch and the A320 highway network south of railway bridge.

    Liberal Democrat County Councillor for Woking South, Will Forster said:

    "Since being elected as County Councillor for Woking South in 2009, I have been pushing for better access to the town centre and railway station from the south side of Woking. Victoria Arch and the roads leading up to it are inadequate for motorists, dangerous for cyclists and unpleasant for pedestrians. That is why the Liberal Democrats and I fully welcome the decision to spend £95 million on Woking's transport system."

  • Article: Jun 14, 2019
    By First published by Lambeth Lib Dems

    Lambeth Lib Dems are delighted to announce that Chuka Umunna has today joined the Liberal Democrats and will now represent Streatham constituency as a Lib Dem MP.

    Chuka is the first Member of Parliament to cross the floor of the House of Commons to join the Liberal Democrats since 2001. He has been the MP for Streatham since 2010 and won 68.5 percent of the vote when re-elected in the 2017 General Election.

  • Making Woking More Transparent - 1200x900px 2
    Article: Jun 11, 2019
    By Councillor Ann-Marie Barker

    Making Woking more open and transparent - over the first hurdle

    Woking Council could change the way it is run if proposals from the Liberal Democrat Group Leader are agreed by Council next month.

    Cllr Barker wants the Council to review the benefits of moving to a committee system.. This could replace the current council system of a 'strong leader' and Executive. Cllr Barker's proposal cleared its first hurdle when it was agreed by the Council's Executive on Thursday. The proposal now goes to Council in July.

  • Leadership Election 2019
    Article: Jun 6, 2019

    Following the resignation of Vince Cable after the great gains in both the local and European elections, the Liberal Democrats are choosing their next leader!

    You must be a member before midnight on 7th June if you want to have a say in shaping the future of the party. We have 2 fantastic candidates in Ed Davey & Jo Swinson.

  • Article: May 29, 2019

    In an update to the article we posted on the 22nd May, we're pleased to see that the Conservative administration at Surrey County Council has deferred on the decision to implement charges on DIY rubbish.

    However, we do note that this is only a deferral and not a defeat. This means there is much more work ahead and we will continue our local campaign.

  • Article: May 22, 2019

    As the Eco-Park saga continues, Spelthorne Liberal Democrats are disappointed by the additional charges that are set to be introduced from 3rd June, particularly for waste wood and household rubble.

    Liberal Democrats across Surrey have already been very vocal about the issues surrounding the charges and inconvenient changes at the 'Eco-Park' on Charlton Lane and similar sites across Surrey dubbed the 'Tory Tip Tax' - We are concerned that as a consequence of these additional charges we will see an increase in fly-tipping, which costs the council more to clear up, as well as causing significant annoyance to residents.

  • Image comparing fake twitter account and genuine twitter account
    Article: May 21, 2019
    By David Ross

    The other week we were flattered to find that someone (although we think we can all guess who) has created a fake twitter account pretending to be us.

    From our perspective, it was reassuring to see that our opponents in the fight over Brexit feel they have to stoop to such levels to stop us. The fake account also resonated with another message that we have been hearing from many leave voters. While many leave voters still think we should leave the EU, they feel they have been let down by pro-Brexit campaigners. No one is making a case for Brexit anymore. Instead, they are reaching for underhanded tactics that many leave voters are embarrassed to be associated with.

  • Woking Lib Dem Coumcillors May 2019
    Article: May 18, 2019

    New, larger Woking Liberal Democrat Group take their seats
    Thursday 16th May was the first council meeting of the municipal year in Woking. This meeting elects a new Mayor and Deputy and hands out certificates to retiring councillors.

    The new, larger Liberal Democrat group of 10, were all in attendance. Cllr Rob Leach and Cllr James Sanderson joined the group following their election victories and Cllr Will Forster returned to the group after his year as Mayor.