Your Local Lib Dems

We cover the towns of Banstead, Redhill, Horley and Reigate, as well as the villages of Burgh Heath, Chipstead, Earlswood, Kingswood, Lower Kingswood, Merstham, Salfords, Southpark and Meadvale, Tadworth, Walton on the hill Woodhatch and Woodmansterne.

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What do we Stand for locally?

We stand for -

  • Delivering a Carbon Neutral area with environmental sustainability;
  • Investing in social housing.
  • Protecting our Borough. From cuts to services, police and healthcare
  • Making sure that new development is integrated with public transport and services
  • Creating new recreational spaces and maintaining the existing ones.
  • Supporting pro-active community housing groups and new builds

What do we stand for Nationally?

  • Staying in the EU. We believe Britain will be stronger,
    better off and safer if we stay in
    the European Union
  • Saving our NHS and care services. Asking people to pay a bit more tax (1p)
    for every pound they earn. The money
    will go to the NHS and care services. Making sure people don't wait longer
    for mental health care than for
    other healthcare.
  • Put children first.
    Every child should have the best start
    in life. Spending £7 billion extra on education.
  • Britain needs an economy that gives
    people jobs and the chance to do well.
    We will build an economy that is strong,
    fair and works well now and in the future.

Recent updates

  • Article: May 14, 2019
    By Councillor Ann-Marie Barker

    Liberal Democrats set agenda for year ahead

    Following their local election success, the Liberal Democrats on Woking Borough Council have agreed to work closely with the other two opposition parties, to deliver on their agenda of greater openness and transparency, a green council that acts on the climate emergency, a Council that makes recycling easier but cracks down on fly tippers and a Council that makes accessing our town and village centres easier and more cost effective whether by car, bus, cycle or on foot.
    Opposition parties won 6 of the 10 seats contested on 2nd May and voters sent a clear message to the Conservatives that they wanted change. The Conservatives are still the largest party on Woking Council, but they will no longer be able to push votes through on their block vote. They will need to listen more to other Councillors and the public.
    Lib Dem Group Leader, Councillor Ann-Marie Barker, said:
    "By working together as a strong opposition, Lib Democrats, Labour and Independent Councillors can all fully scrutinise Council operations, investigate our areas of concern and bring much-needed transparency to the Council."
    "The Lib Dem Group are willing to play our part in the running of the Council by taking on key committee chairs and we will also support the other opposition groups to take these leadership roles. By opposition Councillors chairing all Council committees, we can start to bring change and transparency to Woking Council and properly hold the ruling Conservatives accountable."
    One stumbling block to the future smooth running of Woking Council is the current Leader of the Council, Councillor Bittleston. He is widely seen as overly controlling with recent defector to the Lib Dem Councillor Graham Chrystie describing him as 'curtailing debate within the Conservative group'. Concerns have also been raised over Councillor Bittleston's treatment of Citizen's Advice Woking and the amount of time he spends at his residence in Scotland.
  • Stop Brexit in SE England.
    Article: May 13, 2019
    By Rob Hughes

    Meet the Liberal Democrats Standing in the EU Elections

    The Liberal Democrats are fighting these elections as the largest pro-European Party, campaigning hard for a People's Vote with an option to remain in the EU. We are working hard to give a voice to the millions of people who demand better than Brexit Britain.

  • Hero - EU flags
    Article: May 9, 2019
    By Vince Cable

    We launched our EU manifest today. Read the Liberal Democrat plan to stop Brexit and reunite Britain today.

    Today, we're launching our EU manifesto. We're running our campaign on a clear message - a vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote to stop Brexit.

    We were the first to call for a People's Vote in 2016 - and we haven't stopped fighting for it, nearly 3 years later. We want Britain to remain in the EU because it's best for our economy, our public services and best for the environment.

  • Guildford Fire Station
    Article: May 9, 2019

    Surrey Fire and Rescue Service was recently inspected by Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services, with a disappointingly overwhelming rating of 'inadequate' and 'needs improvement' across the board . As a result of this, Surrey County Council are currently consulting on their 'Making Surrey Safer' plan which aims to improve the standing of the service. The consultation is open to the public until 30th May 2019.

  • Louise Morales and Deborah Hughes
    Article: May 9, 2019
    By Louise Morales Deborah Hughes

    Hoe Valley Ward Surgery every second Saturday

    Councillors Louise Morales and Deborah Hughes have been meeting local residents every second Saturday at the Old Woking Community Centre from 10-11am. If you have any Council issues please do come and speak to us.

  • Andre, Julie and David
    Article: May 8, 2019

    The Focus team in College Ward ran a successful campaign in the borough elections 2019 with David Gulland and Julie Morris both elected as councillors and André Kubicek missing out by a mere 11 votes. The election result was not an unusual one, but the number of "split" votes was most definitely unusual. There were hundreds. Some residents had voted for one Lib Dem, one RA and one Conservative. Does this voting pattern reflect a desire on the part of residents for all the parties to work together? Most certainly the candidates being listed on the ballot paper in the alphabetical order of their surname influenced the result. With the Euro elections upon us, there is just one X required on the ballot paper on 23rd May, not three as there were in the borough elections.

  • Chris Botten Large
    Article: May 8, 2019

    Surrey County Council own a broad range of land and property assets both in and outside of the County, with a total value of around £1.5bn. At the Cabinet meeting last week it was revealed that Surrey will be 'pausing' investment out of county for the time being whilst they evaluate the use of existing properties.

  • Surrey 2019
    Article: May 7, 2019

    The 2nd May 2019 saw one of the largest quantities of local elections across the country for a long time, and Surrey was no exception. People turned out to elect their new local councillors, and it was a great success for the Liberal Democrats in Surrey.

    There were 110 Liberal Democrat Councillors elected across the 11 boroughs and districts, and the Liberal Democrats gained control of the Council in Mole Valley.

  • Woking Election Count May 2019
    Article: May 5, 2019
    By Councillor Ann-Marie Barker

    Local Liberal Democrats cemented their strong position on Woking Council at Thursday's elections. The Liberal Democrats held all of their seats and made a gain to deprive Conservatives of control of the Council.

    The Liberal Democrat group is now 10 strong, including Rob Leach who gained a Conservative seat in St John's, and former Conservative Graham Chrystie who joined in April.

  • Fiona White
    Article: Apr 26, 2019

    Surrey County Council has a statutory duty to publicise the equalities and diversity profile of its workforce annually, at a minimum, as per The Equality Act 2010 (Specific Duties) Regulations 2011*. Unfortunately Surrey County Council have failed to do so.

    The Council last publicised these statistics on its website in February 2016 - over 3 years ago now. This is why Fiona White has submitted a question for the Cabinet meeting taking place on Tuesday 30th April to find out why.