Plan to Extend 20mph Speed Restriction Outside Schools

December 17, 2003 12:00 AM

Twenty miles per hour maximum speed limit road-sign.At a recent meeting of the Full Council , Cllr. Liz Pinn (Lib Dem, Meadvale and St Johns) pointed out Surrey County Council support for a 20 mph traffic speed limit outside a school in Warlingham.

Cllr. Pinn said: "We are recommending a 20mph speed limit at times when children are coming in and out of school. Traffic is escalating all the time and has to be controlled, many schools in the Borough will benefit." St. Johns school in Pendleton Road, Redhill has a 20mph limit imposed on traffic during school hours.

She then asked the executive member for community safety and transport Cllr. Michael Buttery whether he supported promoting the idea with Surrey County Council and some schools in the borough.

Cllr. Buttery indicated that he would consider the idea and would discuss it with Surrey County Council.

We will monitor progress.

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