Conservative Councillor Michael Buttery says "I do realise they are suffering. We are simply enforcing the rules.

August 4, 2004 10:10 PM

Parking on double yellow linesCouncillor G.L. Norman asked the Conservative Executive Member for Local Economy a question regarding the vigorous enforcement of the parking restrictions in Lesbourne road, at a meeting of full Council on 29th July 2004.

It is stated in the Borough's published 'Vision and Principle Objectives' that the Council will maintain and strengthen a prosperous local economy and provide attractive and convenient local facilities (economic strategy). I take that statement to mean that the Council will do all that it can to support local shopping parades such as Reigate's Lesbourne Road.

The shops in this area are an important local facility for both residents and businesses as they struggle with high rents, business rates and the close proximity of the competition of Reigate Town Centre.

Now, added to their problems is the introduction of the vigorously enforced parking restrictions which has seen both traders and their customers booked, made the delivery of goods more difficult and reduced the amount of passing trade considerably!

The economic strategy is an admirable policy but one that will be surely undermined by the enforcement of the existing parking regulations.

Without an increase in the number of parking bays or a more tolerant approach to the enforcement many are concerned that the restrictions will seriously undermine the economic viability of the area. Surely this would not be in the best interest of either the residents or the Borough?

Could the Executive Member please confirm as to whether this Conservative administration is more interested in sustaining local communities or the reported £ 1,000 per day being received in fines.

Conservative Councillor Michael Buttery said "I do realise the traders are suffering. We are simply enforcing the rules. A parking attendant will not turn a blind eye to infringement."