Monitoring, Maintaining and Improving the Environment.

December 9, 2004 9:09 PM
By Jane Kulka, Reigate Liberal Democrat Prospective Parliamentary Candidate

I am not sure that the Labour PPC will be pleased at the praise given to him by Crispin Blunt MP in last weeks letters. It just reinforces the truth, that there is nothing to choose between them.

Next year's General Election will genuinely be a two horse race between Tory & New Labours reactionary policies, versus the Liberal Democrats positive policies - A proactive, democratic party with freedom, fairness and trust at it's core. We will scrap the Council Tax, support students by removing tuition fees and top-up fees, give priority to 'early years' education, provide free personal care for the elderly and £25 more on the pension every week, for those over 75.

Crispin says that he will be judged on his record and his party's programme. Therein lies his problem. What are Conservative party policies? Do they make sense? Will they enhance your life? I think not.

Of course we must all work together with representatives of this community including those from other parties for the improvement and protection of our local environment. Crispin was correct to mention how local people power has successfully fought off proposals for an incinerator twice, Redhill Aerodrome expansion twice and the 2nd Runway at Gatwick. Unfortunately, we may not have seen all of these off completely.

I also give praise where it's due. The revitalisation of Redhill town centre could only have become a reality with land owners, traders, residents, community representatives and the Borough Council all working together.

On the matter of the sand extraction on Reigate Heath, I would echo the sentiment of many letters to your Newspaper. Those of us that enjoy the Heath for the myriad of flora and fauna that can be found, need to act to protect this eco-system. It is important that as many people as possible write to Surrey County Council. They need to be made aware of our total opposition to this environmental vandalism.