Tories may cut discretionary services such as Community Centres.

December 18, 2007 12:00 AM

A summary of feedback from the Council Overview and Scrutiny Committee meeting.

Caring for our Local Environment - Delivery Action Plan.

A Member task Group should have been set up to investigate options for collection of all key recyclable materials. No information was available at the meeting as to whether this group had been formed and who was on it .

Self Reliant and Thriving Communities. Delivery Action Plan.

Borough surveys always show that residents are concerned about crime and being a victim of crime. Violent crime has seen a 4 % increase with headlines in local paper highlighting the fact that elderly residents are frightened of being in Redhill after dark. No one knew what action was being taken!

Budget proposals 2008/09

Admission that the deletion of officer posts will effect the working structure of those departments.

This will put back the timescale for the Earlswood Common Pavilion Replacement Programme.

There was an admission that the council cannot continue to increase levels of recycling beyond 2009/10 and maintain the provision of discretionary services such as Community Centres.

As the refuse and recycling budget is £3.5m net, the Director or Services to the Community is to prepare an urgent report to identify options.