Real Change in Reigate Constituency

May 3, 2010 11:00 PM
Jane Kulka

Jane Kulka fighting for change

Jane Kulka, the Reigate Constituency Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidate is campaigning for every vote in our area. Jane and the other local liberal Democrats have been delighted by the very positive reaction they are receiving on the doorstep and in the towns and villages of this area.

Nick Clegg Liberal Democrat Party Leader said, "This election is in your hands. Don't let the old parties scare you with their negative attacks. Don't let the old parties tell you that things can't be different. They can be.

With your support on Thursday, Britain can have real change with the Liberal Democrats. Together we can give our country the fresh start it needs."

Jane Kulka needs a 13% swing in votes from the Conservatives to win the seat on Thursday. No other party can come close to making the running. If you want a real change for the Reigate Constituency then voting Liberal Democrat is the only way to achieve this.