Lib Dems win the youth vote

April 22, 2010 8:20 PM

An election debate was held at St Bede's school in Redhill on the 21st April. Jane and the other candidates for the General Election took part. Students had the opportunity to express who they would vote for, both before and after they had heard from the candidates. It was clear from the results that the Liberal Democrats policies are favoured overwhelmingly by the 6th form Students at St Bede's.

St. Bedes Students vote Lib Dem

St. Bede's students vote overwhelmingly Lib Dem.

341 students voted and the results published were as follows.

Year 13 students (105 voted),

48.5% - Lib Dems

28.5% - Cons

11.4% - Green

9.5% - Labour

2.1% - UKIP

Year 12 students (182 voted)

43.4% - Lib Dem

25.8% - Cons

18.7% - Green

7.7% - Labour

5.0% - UKIP

Year 11 students (42 voted)

50.0% - Lib Dem

26.2% - Cons

11.9% - Green

2.4% - Labour

9.5% - UKIP

Commenting after receiving the results Jane Kulka said, "It was a real privilege to be invited to this debate; the students asked some really probing questions. Obviously I am absolutely delighted by the results and will be doing my best to achieve just as good a result on May 6th".