Deception is all they have left

May 21, 2019 9:24 PM
By David Ross

Image comparing fake twitter account and genuine twitter account

The other week we were flattered to find that someone (although we think we can all guess who) has created a fake twitter account pretending to be us.

From our perspective, it was reassuring to see that our opponents in the fight over Brexit feel they have to stoop to such levels to stop us. The fake account also resonated with another message that we have been hearing from many leave voters. While many leave voters still think we should leave the EU, they feel they have been let down by pro-Brexit campaigners. No one is making a case for Brexit anymore. Instead, they are reaching for underhanded tactics that many leave voters are embarrassed to be associated with.

The fake twitter account repeatedly reaches for an edited video of Vince Cable listing the perceived benefits of leaving the EU in what we think is an attempt to embarrass us. Ironically, this video illustrates the frustration many leave voters are struggling with. Since the referendum, that 90-second clip of Vince Cable constitutes the closest Brexit campaigners have come to anything like a meaningful pro-Brexit argument.

Back in the real world, where voters are intelligent, reasonable people, we all know there are pros and cons to leaving the EU. While we have always been happy to recognise both, we have consistently argued that that the cons far outweigh any potential benefits. Our opposition, on the other hand, is having to resort to acts of deception that are an embarrassment to many of their supporters. This is the very sort of dishonest politics that people want rid of.

So we would like to make a plea to all the pro-Brexit campaigners. Drop the playground games and get back to making a case for Brexit. We know it's a hard case to make now the reality is starting to hit, but it is still your case to make. If you have to resort to such blatant deception as setting up fake twitter accounts, It's no wonder you are so scared of a fresh referendum.