John Vincent

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John Vincent

Reigate Constituency, Parliamentary Candidate

36 Rushworth Road, Reigate, RH2 0PE

07904208180 (mobile)

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A longtime resident, John Vincent is proud to stand as your MP.

He says people are fed up with Brexit - and neither Conservatives nor Labour can make it stop.

We need a new direction. Libdems will put an end to Brexit immediately - by staying in the EU. So we can heal divisions and tackle the things that matter - the NHS, our public services and climate change.

We need a new MP with fresh energy. Blunt has been MP over 20 years. And Blunt has voted against bills fighting climate change! Our children and our children's children deserve a brighter future than Blunt. As your MP, John will work tirelessly to fight climate change and to deliver a brighter future.

An engineer by background, John is an experienced local councillor and parliamentary candidate. He can get the job done.

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